Industrial Bakeries

Industrial Bakeries

Industrial Ovens and Other Bakery Equipment

Developing solutions for commercial bakeries and the culinary industry

Supporting Australia’s food and beverage industry. JB & Brothers provides a comprehensive range of services helping bakeries of all sizes achieve the best, most delicious and hygienic results. We specialize in supplying, installation and maintenance of equipment for professional bakery businesses of all sizes across Australia & New Zealand, including commercial bread ovens, bakery mixers and packing equipment. If you’re seeking a range of commercial bakery ovens for sale or to buy commercial bread making supplies or other industrial bakery equipment, JB & Brothers have the highest quality equipment in the industry.

Providing only the best commercial bakery supplies for your business

At JB & Brothers our industrial ovens and commercial baking supplies are sourced from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the world. We offer a range of commercial bakery ovens and equipment for sale to suit every size of operation. Machines from these respected German firms can be found in some of the largest and most complex baking operations around the world, and JB & Brothers gives bakeries across Oceania the chance to access the most advanced, precise and robust oven and mixer machinery on the market.

We can also help business access KOMA commercial refrigeration systems, an innovative market leader providing high-quality, ultra-high efficiency blast freezers and deep-freeze storage equipment. A respected Dutch company with eight decades of excellence in refrigeration, you can rely on your KOMA chiller to support your business operations for years to come.


A dedication to our clients’ success

Our business can provide a wide range of solutions and services to organisations of all sizes:

  • Project engineering and Bakery design for all Commercial Bakery Equipment
  • Quality products and equipment for industrial and commercial bakeries, including mixers and ovens
  • Turn Key projects
  • Professional installation, commissioning of industrial bakery equipment
  • Training of staff
  • 24/7 after sales support and Spare parts delivery
  • Preventative maintenance

We understand the need for the highest standards of quality and hygiene in your industrial or commercial operation and will work with you as a partner to ensure that your organisation is working at the technological cutting edge. The best products begin with the most precise equipment and the finest quality ingredients, so ensure that you have everything you need to create with our help.

Browse our Range and Get Your Industrial and Commercial Equipment Today

Whether you’re looking for a commercial oven or other industrial bakery equipment, browse our online catalogue today and buy commercial bakery supplies online and through a reliable local business. Find something to help your organisation grow at JB & Brothers.

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