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KOMA Refrigeration Systems


KOMA is a one of a kind, ingenious producer of refrigeration technologies that can be found all over the world. For more than 70 years they have been comprehensively involved in understanding the specific characteristics of products that need to be chilled or frozen.

Thanks to their outstanding expert knowledge, inventiveness and daring, KOMA has been able to come up with really revolutionary solutions to preservation problems affecting baked goods and other foodstuffs time and time again. KOMA will guarantee the quality of your end product.

If yours is a business that puts the utmost importance on providing your customers with the very best, KOMA refrigerators and freezers will become an integral part of your processes. JB & Brothers has provided KOMA freezers to bakeries of all sizes, making excellent hygiene and state-of-the-art machinery available to even the smallest commercial operations.

Read on to learn more about the KOMA range of refrigeration systems, or speak to one of our consultants at our Kings Park office on +61 (02) 9831 3726. We can also be reached through our contact page or via email at

Cabinet systems

KOMA cabinet systems provide custom solutions for confectioneries, bakeries as well as gastronomy. The H-cabinet system combines KOMA’s blast freezing and storage technologies, providing a comprehensive solution for the culinary industry. The combination system allows continuous blast freezing of recently cooked product while frozen product is temporarily stored prior to serving or transferral to long-term storage. More about the H-cabinet system

Dough conditioning, recovery and storage

KOMA optimal control and regulation of the fundamental temperature, air and relative humidity ensures well balanced cooling and dough conditioning climates. More on Dough Conditioning, Dough recovery and Dough Freeze storage systems

Blast freezers and Belt freezing systems

Maximum cooling capacity, innovative evaporator constructions and intelligent air flew are the main characteristics of the KOMA Blast Freezers. State of the art transportation systems and powerful refrigeration technique allow for large hourly outputs of either products placed on trays or continuous production. These versatile machines can function as proofers, fridges and freezers, providing a comprehensive solution cooling and storage solution for the food and beverage industry. Blast Freezer, Tunnel Blast Freezer; Belt Freezer, Spiral Freezer.

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