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Packaging Equipment Providing A Complete Packing Solution

JB & Brothers provides a range of quality packaging machines, helping your product arrive safely at its destination, no matter what its nature or how far it has to travel. Durable, accurate packaging helps to preserve the quality of the product almost as much as proper refrigeration. Increasing efficiency in this complex, multi-modal process can greatly improve the overall output and efficiency of your operations, giving you tighter control over your operating expenses and offering room to expand.

To ensure that Australia and New Zealand’s commercial bakeries are internationally competitive, JB & Brothers proudly offers a comprehensive range of packing machines, providing an end-to-end solution for your packaging needs. Our machines are sourced exclusively from reputable, trusted manufacturers, and we can install complete systems and provide ongoing maintenance and spare parts for existing packing machines.

Packing machinery from a respected name in commercial baking 

We are proud suppliers of Pattyn Group products, providing intelligent, high-performance packaging solutions that meet to the needs of your business. Pattyn is the preferred equipment supplier for commercial bakeries around the world, thanks to their universally-high standard of precision and customised solutions for irregular-shaped products.

Pattyn’s vision counting technology is considered to be a market reference, ensuring a precise amount of product in each packaging unit regardless of size or shape. Custom solutions for products such as baguettes and pizza bases can be quickly developed from the existing catalogue of equipment, allowing the available plant and equipment to conform to your business model, rather than the other way around. Every step from case erection to quality to control to counting and filling and case and bag closing can be formed automatically with a Pattyn machine, so start a conversation with our consultants and allow us to develop a solution for you.

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JB & Brothers prides itself on working with commercial bakeries across Australia and New Zealand to enhance their productivity and efficiency through the implementation of market-leading refrigeration and baking technology. Let us help you grow your business with a packing machine.

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